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You will soon learn more about my family but today’s decorating idea  is centered on our oldest daughter, Andi who lives in Elk Grove, California.  Andi just recently bought her first home, a 3 bedroom ranch that is “evolving” to be more and more Andi as she unpacks each box that is shipped from Ohio,  finds more great spots  to shop, and gathers her own ideas.  Sometimes I get a text which is a photo from a shopping trip, captioned, “Mom, what do you think?”  Oh, what great mother/daughter moments, even so far away.

My children know that their mother loves to gather “junk” and always seems to find some use.  Hit it with a hammer, sand off some of the original paint, spray a new color, or store in the basement until the time is right for a new idea.  Or in the last few years, ship to Cal. or Az. (Our other daughter, Emily lives in Az) 

Andi has become quite the photographer…(had so much fun collecting old frames and interesting stuff for her photo sessions…unusal chairs, props when last visiting her in California).  I had already saved three cameras from the trash when helping clean  Grandma and Grandpa Yanok’s house in Canton a few years back.  These family finds were on a shelf in our basement bar  with some unrolled film stored in a glass jar. During a trip to one of my favorite flea markets, Sunbury,Ohio (Center of town on Memorial and Labor Day Weekends) I purchased 3 more antique cameras…$15.00 for all three.  Also I found a very nice wooden box which only needed to be polished up a bit, after we made sure there were no bugs that might contaminate our house.  George (my husband who really doesn’t appreciate any of this but loves to hear any compliments about our house decor) has certain rules I must consider when bringing some stuff in our house.  I added my father’s movie camera to the new collection.  This camera probably has no value but reminds me of the love my father showed as he filmed my brother and I during almost every event during our growing up years.   He was always there!  The last touch to this collection, is a metal, letter A found in Michigan this last summer, which George fastened to the box. 

Total cost…$20 plus shipping to Cal.  I recently saw antique cameras in a Pottery Barn Catalog…price range  $100-$125


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