Less is More???

Right before Christmas, I taught a class at the Westerville Community Center, “Downsizing Today”.  Of course I came fully prepared with my lesson plan and handouts to help guide my students to transform their homes to a product to sell as well as sharing some ideas on properties that would require less care and maintenance.   As soon as we introduced each other, I learned that I needed a new plan for this class.  They wanted to know what they should do to get rid of their “Stuff but of course not the memories.  As I am presently shipping “Stuff” to my daughters, this group of 65 plus and one younger couple were complaining that much of their “Stuff” was given to them by their parents and grandparents.  They didn’t really want it then or now.  Teaching is always fun as you always learn as much as your students.

This is part of the list I sent out after class:

A Gal Named Cinda Lou, Deja Vu, Ubberhouse, Grandview Mercantile, SOHO Fashion and Furniture Exchange, Ohio Dept.of AMVET Service Foundation, Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, Half Price Books,Trading Places

CAUTION:  Try not to buy someone else’s “Stuff” if you are trying to downsize…it may be very difficult for some??!


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