Clara Belle…No. 1 Fan


I try to take one day a week from my Real Estate Business to visit with my mother, Clara Belle,  who is now living in an assisted living residence.  I try to finish phone calls…but no texting on the  hour-long drive.  Most of my clients are entertained by my “Clara Belle” stories as I usually come home with several new ones.  Her newest vehicle is this scarlet and gray motorized chair with of O.S.U. tags and Brutus on the back. ( She has attended more “Ballgames” than anyone I know…and still keeps the schedule right by her TV. )  I am now teaching her how to drive again so she doesn’t have any accidents or lose friends.   I set up an obstacle course of chairs, tables.etc. and also provide training on how to stop!  This week we practiced on pushing the button on the elevator, lining up to go in, and then quickly turning the chair around before the door opens to the next floor.  I am proud to say, she is doing very well and loves her new independence. 

  •  Encourage loved ones to buy some type of Long Care Insurance! State Farm has a great product.
  •  Older people need strong advocates..equal or more than our preschoolers
  •  Be thankful for siblings that share the responsibility and the care
  • We are modeling behaviors and values for our children

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