Babushka’s Kitchen Review in Clintonville

For the last few months, I have been waiting for Babushka’s Kitchen to open so I could surprise my husband with memories from his childhood.  I always hear that there are so many more ethnic restaurants in Cleveland…which is changing these days.  I am dreaming of light potato pancakes, pierogi, hulushki, and some wonderful desserts or a cookie tray.  What a disappointment!   This was worse than a bad Polish wedding reception that ran out of food while you were standing in line.  No polka music, no drinking, no decor, no desserts…just a noisy room, slow service, and crying kids.  After an hour, our food came.  I ordered the pierogi which were dry and filled with instant mashed potatoes as my husband, George had canned soup and gummy Chicken Paprikash.  I guess we will be traveling to Cleveland or spending all day in our kitchen.  George is an excellent cook!  

I am the chief dishwasher!  I saw nothing like this…Restaurant was out of all desserts before 7:00 PM on a Saturday Night.  We actually stopped at Carfagna’s on the way home and bought some lemon cookies and tiramisu.  Back to Urban Active Monday morning…..


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