FRAME IT…Low Cost Decorating


When in doubt, frame it.  I have collected frames for years…it started with a collection of my Great Grandmother’s frames found in my mother’s basement.   I find them at Flea Markets, Antiques Stores, and in Clearance Corners.  So many uses…layered, individual, showcase special treasures, holiday fun…and the list goes on.  I am not a photographer…as you will soon see but here are some quick ideas.

Spray frames in 5 minutes for a different look…remember the frame can be glued back together and then sprayed…low cost if you find that broken frame no one wants…plate was a one of a kind on clearance.   Try Rust-oleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze for a great color…coordinates well with today’s hardware..

Spotlight a collection of old silver…Old weathered frame that I left untouched to add character..I found this frame under a table at Springfield Flea Market a few years ago….3 bucks!

Another bargain here…Started as a way to frame a Christmas Wreath in our Florida Room and now stays there all year.  Remember my blog about old books…these books are wrapped in shelf paper and tied together with old twine…Shells are from past vacations when our girls used to walk the shores…again low cost decorating is the only way to go.

This photo is not representative of this collection.  The two oval frames were my Great Grandmother Schauseil’s.  The glare is from the glass that I left in as it is curved…common in those days.  These are in a guest room which I must admit an overnight guest ask his wife, why does Emma have empty frames…where are the photos.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or something like that.

Another frame used to hold a grouping together on the  kitchen table.  Sometimes adding a layer of fabric inside the frame adds just the right amt. of color…

Hope this blog gives you some ideas, encourages you to check out your basement, entertains you for a while, or gets you ready for a shopping excursion. 

As a REALTOR, most of these ideas are on HOLD  when staging a listing.  But when that new homeowner settles in, the FUN begins.


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