Giant Eagle Market District

Yesterday I finally checked out the Market District Giant Eagle at Kingsdale located where the old Big Bear used to be.   What a grocery store!  Reminds me of Whole Foods but larger in size.  I saw  about every department you would want including a cooking school and a large seating area upstairs to enjoy food selections  after grazing on the main floor. 

My favorite part:  SERVICE    I was scoping all the tantalizing delights  as I am a Foodie at Heart even though my goal was to find a Protein Drink.  As I was standing in the aisle reading all the labels, instantly a registered dietician with a positive attitude, energetic manner and friendly smile appeared like magic!  And she was there to help only me…at least that is how I felt.  Great service…and yes, the Protein Drink “we” selected is very good and seems to “stick to my ribs” as my mother would say.  I will go back soon.


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  1. Lori

    I am loving this blog! Great tips and ideas.

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