Mudslide or/and Mudbath in Calistoga


The Down and Dirty Truth…Indian Springs Resort and Spa 

Lost my Bracelet and Key!

1.  You lock up all your personal items,  put  green and white pinstriped robe on and you are free to roam around the grounds…one little key attached to your bracelet is your connection to leaving this experience.

2.  Spa attendant guides you through the steps of this wonderfully, watery treatment.  After your first shower you immerse yourself in Indian Springs mud: pure volcanic ash freshly mixed with hot mineral water from the geysers.  What is it like?  very, very warm and feels so dense that it is difficult to move your legs and arms.  Squeezing the mud reminds you of playing in the sand at the beach only warm and more fun to squeeze.  At one point, my key/bracelet disappeared in the mud…only happens to me.

3.  Next step is a shower to rinse off the mud…takes more time than you would estimate…mud everywhere!

4.  Off to your own mineral bath in an antique clawfoot tub.  As you enjoy sipping cucumber-citrus water, you continue  to clean the mud from under your nails.

5.  Off to the steam room, inhaling the scents of eucalyptus and lavender…  Iced washcloth to keep you refreshed.

6.  For the finale, your attendant wraps you in soft flannel, places cool cucumber slices on your eyelids, and leaves you to cool down in a serene, private room with soft music.

7.  You are free to roam to the Buddha Pond or mineral pool,naturally heated between 90-102.

My favorite parts:

  • Experiencing Calistoga the first time with other first timers including my daughters, nieces, and sister-in-law
  • Listening to the giggles, funny stories, and interpretations of the experience
  • Building family memories that should last for years


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