Nesting Moved Across the Street

I’ m back…from California visit and I have FOUR…yes…Four closings this month and in this Real Estate Market….Good news!  I have wonderful clients that are fun to work for…Bad news…No time to Blog or SHOP?  

The New Location of the Old Nesting right across from Nordstrums at Easton

You will find this little shop,  right across the street from Nordstrom’s at Easton Towne Center in Columbus, Ohio.  It belongs to a family of entrepreneurs that left the corporate world.   They used to have a store at Polaris Parkway, Shine and another store at Easton called Nestings. 

It all started when my daughters got me these bottle/oil lights for Christmas. They liked them so much, I have sent several to them since.  You can fill them with shells, rocks, whatever…They are great in groupings inside or out.

Thinking about yesterday……Modern Goes Wild! 

   Old cameras, clocks, typewriters…great accessories..I am so lucky I have some of my grandparents office equipment that was in my mother’s basement.

      Anyone can keep these Air Plants Alive…great to add some green to any arrangement…bookshelves…tables…needs no light.

  Enjoy…take a walk in yesterday…great ideas…prices??? but a fun walkthrough for sure.


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