Centerpiece from Old, Borrowed, and New


My favorite part of entertaining is setting the stage.  George does the cooking, and I do the “staging” and kitchen clean up.  I always lean towards a grouping, can’t be symetrical, and has some type of theme.  After over 30 Derby Parties, it gets difficult to do something different.  Always RED roses…that is a must. 

Kim, my niece, has a collection of Ky.Derby Hats, especially created to match dresses that she has worn to the Derby.  So her hat became the starting piece…and it is sitting on a tall jar…started looking like a mannequin so I added a pearl necklace and more pearls to try to connect other parts of the centerpiece.  The Mannequin is sitting on a mirror, on top of an old wooden box…silver mint julep glass with one rose..  Don’t usually use any pink roses but had to have a few because of the color of the hat.

The long stem red roses are in a vase that used to belong to my Grandma Schauseil…great German name.  I remember  growing up, when my father used to buy my mother roses for their anniversary, she always used this vase and put in on our baby grand piano..I thought it was so pretty…and it still is.

And the horse…another item from my niece’s house…have to have at least one horse in the race.

Happy Derby Day.  Got to go start cleaning up the Chef’s dishes.


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One response to “Centerpiece from Old, Borrowed, and New

  1. Andi Yanok

    Love it… you are the best at these kinds of things. Hope that the party was fun…

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