Adding Value to YOUR Property…Today Show Vs. Emma’s Recommendations

Watching the Today Show this morning…I don’t always agree with their Real Estate Expert but know that she is covering a huge geographic area. 

Her Recommendations for Top Three Ways to ADD value to a property and/or get a good return:

1.  Replace front door…I agree the front appearance is important.  When showing several properties to someone that has 1 or 2 days to select a home, they often get tired.  If they don’t like the curb appeal, they may not want to take the time to view the listing…could become a “drive by”.  This can be upsetting to the home owner and listing agent..but you can’t make a buyer go in???

2. Replace garage door…Curb Appeal is important!

3. Add a deck…It is a disappointment to see a great property and then open the back patio doors to see one step.  It is often a way builders suggest to cut the cost of building a new home, and then the new home owner never gets around to building a deck or patio. 

Her Recommendations for Top Three additions that don’t pay off when selling the property: 

1.  Home remodel an office…She feels that you lose a bedroom.  Not always true depending on where the office might be.

2.  She feels adding a sunroom is not a good return/value.  Most buyers love screened porches and/or sunrooms. 

3.  A new bathroom is not a good return…Bathrooms…esp. updated are golden…they can be a deal maker instead of a deal breaker.  An extra bath in the lower level…great!  Updating an existing bath with new sinks (can buy some fantastic updated sinks at Home Store or TJMax)  Take down the large piece of glass and hang a couple of framed mirrors…Looks totally new for very few dollars.

If you are planning on listing your property in today’s market some ideas for  Home Economics:

1.  Clean and sparkling…You would be surprised to see the Housekeeping of some properties on the market…and they knew we were coming???

2. Open the blinds and draperies…light and bright, and no pet odors!

3. Insist buyers wear “booties” when looking at your “spotless property”…at least they will think it is spotless and that you are a very tidy homeowner.

4. Make a spread sheet of this last year’s utility costs.

5. Write a story of why your family has loved this house…frame and put it on the counter.  Keep the buyer in the house as long as possible.

6. Make sure the temperature is comfortable..not too hot, not too cold.

7.  Clear and organize closets…color code, space hangers…should look like a very upscale store

8.  Clear all kitchen counters…

9.  Take a fieldtrip to a few models in your price range or neighborhood.  Take notes!  This is your competition. 

10. All of the above ideas are at no cost…100% return.


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One response to “Adding Value to YOUR Property…Today Show Vs. Emma’s Recommendations

  1. Hi Emma, Just got finished reading your thoughts – love the outside stacked china. I have been saving for years and love the idea.
    It’s been 100 degrees for days and I am not wilting but staying in and enjoying the AC.
    In July, I am taking my neice, Megan, to California for her 16th birthday and time to spend with the new grand daughter Kana. John saw her in April but I haven’t since she was born in December.
    Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Love, Linda

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