Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Dermabrasion…Got Your Attention

So many things on the Menu for Youth.  Looking in the mirror, some days I think as Martha would say, “It Could Be a Good Thing”.

My generation grew up “Baking in the Sun”, using reflectors on our faces to intensify the heat and burn, using little sun protection on Spring Break…usually peeling all the way back to Ohio…then came tanning beds…Oh well, we really didn’t know any better.  A nice even tan was thought to help you look healthy. 

Last week I made my second trip to the dermatologist to have some suspicious spots removed after a body scan a few weeks earlier.  So far so good!  After looking at charts, photos, and reading descriptions, I honestly can’t tell which spots should go and which spots are just part of the aging process.  Melanoma is a scary thing.  A body scan on your birthday suit each year is a wise gift to yourself. 

Both of our daughters live in sunny climates year round.  They are so protective of their skin, sun block in everything, trying not to be tan, a smarter generation.

As for me, I will stick with Tanning Lotions for a little color and be very thankful my husband’s vision is just not what it used to be.


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