City Center…Some Great Memories

Remember City Center…the glass elevator, the first Cinnabon in Columbus, Jacobson’s and Marshall Field’s, The Bulk Candy Store, and the toy store with the little door…This was our frequent destination …the 3 Yanok women…all great little shoppers in training.  Searching for the perfect Prom or Homecoming dress might warrant several trips, often the search was more fun than the event.  Easy parking, a selection of restaurants, and something for everyone.   I even had it perfectly timed to drop Emily off at Ballet Met, shop for 1 hour and be back to pick her up which was much more entertaining than watching the news on my little black and white TV in the car or grading papers.

Good Bye City Center…Hello  Columbus Commons Park.  I am keeping an Open Mind.  Looks like the grand opening will have lots of free activities…eager to see the outdoor reading room???


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