Meet Dexter, My New Sales Assistant

Dexter has lived at 6900 Linworth Road, Worthington, Ohio 43235 for not quite a year.  The “Pug” is a sports model, in very good health and is featured in many photographs…actually he is a model.  His owners …parents  are two Veterinarians that help him be the best little Pug the world has ever seen.      

Dexter is leaving The OHIO State University and moving back to The University of Illinois.  He is going to miss the 2.33 acres of woods and stream and of course the opportunity to attend Evening Street Elementary in Worthington and his 15 minute commute to O.S.U.  He just didn’t hit it off with Brutus…so this property is going to make a great home for another family.  MLS# 211017141

I sold this house to the present owners, went through the home inspection, etc.  It is in fantastic condition.  It is part of the of the Stilson Family Farm which was sold to developers along Linworth Road.  The family kept this parcel for their own home.  It has had only 3 owners (including Dexter and family).    Let me know if you would like to schedule a showing.  Location, Location, Location…Country Living with No Commute.


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