Quick Response Codes in New and Old

I do enjoy learning…especially now.  So what are these bar codes, apps for my phone, Shop Savy, Urbanspoon, Find Phone, QR codes???  Are these tools useful in my everyday life?

Quick Response…just those words remind me of our girls when they were very young…QR might been squeezing my hand or leg, crying or screaming…  When teaching, QR might have been a hand waving in the air, fire drill, or a fight in the hallway.

This quick response tool is just an accessory I bought on vacation last year just because I liked it and thought it looked great with some old books, etc.  It seems it does get noticed in our family room.  Guests ask me if the sound of the bell gets a QR from George…I wish!


Ok…a phone with a cord attached…This is the last phone with a cord in our house.  We kept one for a long time as when the girls were still in high school we could never find the cordless phone…seems it never could be found.  So George, being the logical father that he is, attached a very long cord to our kitchen phone…and that was a QR.



  So here it is…The QR of today.  Your phone will easily read the QR and you will soon have as much information as you may need in seconds…


And now, in Real Estate, I have my very first listing with it’s own QR that will lead the potential buyer to my website and they can view the house from their car.  So what’s next…who knows…with the help of my friends, my own daughters, and my own curiosity…I will always be a student. 


If you drive by 6900 Linworth, take a look with your phone!  It is a great property.


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