Sunbury Flea Market …Silicone Indoor/Outdoor Caulking

First things FIRST…2 dips and it was worth waiting…What a great Breakfast!

Most interesting idea…stacking old china, etc. for yard art or serving pieces or  just a fun way to connect keepsakes. 

     Saw some plates glued to    candlesticks a few months   ago and did this with treasures from the basement. The plate is just sitting on top as I had no idea of what glue to use.

My sister-in-law Patti had stacked some of her grandmother’s china and glassware…looked so pretty and what a great idea for baby china, keepsakes…Still no one was sure of what type of glue would hold this all together.

Saw this yard art at Sunbury Flea Market…same idea and they shared that silicone indoor, outdoor caulking keeps the pieces together.  So go clean out your odds and ends. 


AND…….this table…I wanted so badly for my tea garden BKA my wine garden or as George says, a garden we do not need.  Well, it was sold when I went back to look one more time.  It was a keeper…Martha would have loved it!  Maybe next year or at the annual Labor Day Sunbury Flea Market.


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