WOW…Chocolate Hot Fudge Sauce…Cheese Cake Next

“Hot Fudge Sauce” Post had over 100 viewers yesterday…Now I guess I know what my friends like best.  One of my friends is making it this weekend with “Snickers Ice Cream”.   So more recipes…coming soon.

 My Cheese Cake recipe is not just any cheese cake recipe.  It came from one of my roommates at O.S.U. and soon became a favorite.  This cheese cake and my 2 season OSU football tickets is why George ask me to marry him many years ago…at least that is what he tells everyone. 

40 oz. Cream Cheese

1 3/4 cup of sugar

3 T. Flour

1/4 c. heavy cream

5 eggs

2 egg yolks

1/2 t. vanilla

1 T. grated orange rind

 Garnish with fruit…cherries are George’s favorite.   Chocolate is good too.

Going to the Gallery Hop tomorrow night…first dinner.  The Burgundy Room, Happy Greek, or Rigsby’s Kitchen.  Also want to check out Bungalow, looked like a great little shop to cruise.   I let you know how the dinner was next week…notice I do like to talk about food…

Sunday is National Open House Day…Check out the properties that will be open in The Columbus Dispatch, online or in your paper on your front porch…still enjoy spreading out the Sunday paper and drinking coffee.  I will be hosting an Open House at 7504 Blue Holly Drive, Lewis Center, 43035.  Great property within walking distance (1 block) to Olentangy Elementary School.  Lower level is totally finished with a large laundry room with counters and lots of storage…a real laundry room…you could even use an ironing board and iron, sewing machine…room for it all.   As Martha would say, it is a good thing.   MLS# 2110157886


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