Happy Greek keeps us safe from the storm…

Saturday, great day to travel downtown to the Gallery Hop, eat dinner, do a little window shopping, and try some new wines.  Since we were all hungry…beyond hungry…we stopped in at the Happy Greek, got a great table in the window so we could people watch.  As soon as we ordered…a storm came out of nowhere???  Even watched Gordan Gee run for cover across the street.  We were so glad that the Happy Greek helped to keep us dry and safe.  We ordered Falafel and Calamari with a bottle of very, very dry wine…George’s selection.  All was tasty. 

  George ordered Pastitio and I ordered Vegetarian Pastitio.   My favorite part of Pastitio is the creamy topping and cinnamon and nutmeg flavors…not so in the Vegetarian Pastitio.  I thought George’s Pastitio was very good but he said, “This is NOT my Aunt Ninni’s”.  I really don’t know as Aunt Ninni was long gone before I joined the Yanok family. 

So the rain stopped long enough to walk down to the wine bar by Hyde Park.  As we started back up North, the rain started again…and of course we decided to leave the umbrella’s in the car…so we quickly called it a night.  July may be a better time to check out the shops…probably all new by then…Grandview Mercantile is a great second hand furniture store…but do I really need any more “stuff”…..but I love to look!

Forget Burgandy Room for a few weeks…under renovation right now.


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