The Fear of the POWER WASHER!

So for years, I see these wonderful gardens that look like they have been there for years, years, and years.  “Stone elements give the fairly new garden a sense of permanence.”  “Moss and creeping plants thrive between flagstones.”

  So why do men love POWER WASHERS and usually in the wrong places?  The garage

  floor, driveway, dirty grill, deck…all good places…but not in my gardens of green

 moss.  It has taken me almost 20 years to get things to look a little “old” and one quick

 POWER WASH and it’s new again.  The bright green color when the sun shines through

 trees…my favorite color.  POWER WASHERS, the Clarisonic for men???

 35 years and we are still on opposite ends of every continuum but it works well…still

                                                                                                     love  my boyfriend.




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