Two Different Views…the Same Destination

       Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City

If you ever want to go North to get out of the heat and see a beautiful old town, head to Quebec City.  The Chateau sits on a hill overlooking the old town…streets of little shops and restaurants that over hundreds of years old.  Actually, this city has a special meaning to George and I.  This is where we spent our honeymoon just 35 years ago this August.  We promised each other that we would revisit every five years…this was before we knew about Andi and Emily, balancing the real family and work…and you get the idea. 

We did make it back on our 20th, stayed in the same suite, ate at the same restaurants…George disappeared one night at dinner at our favorite restaurant, Aux Anciens Canadiens,  gone for a good 30 minutes…I am getting very angry…He came back with a copy of the first time we signed in as Mr. and Mrs. George Yanok.  He had been upstairs in storage, looking for the right book, and then had to run down the street to find a copy machine. 

On our 25th, we just didn’t have the time or extra cash to make the trip, so Andi and Emily called the Aux Anciens Canadiens, ask them for a menu to be sent, ordered food from our favorite restaurant here in town, made a video which started with our wedding and had photos from the highlights of the 25 years.  It was a fantastic evening.

So now our 35th…I have been planning to make reservations and just surprise George.  Yesterday morning I thought why does this have to be a surprise?  I had researched rates at the Chateau Frontenac and saw they had Senior Citizen Discounts…I had never even thought of that discount!   I shared my big secret plan with George.    “Funny thing…I have been looking at rates and packages too.  Which one did you like?  I thought we should book “The Elopement Package” as includes so many romantic amenities???  I am laughing so loud…and of course he wondered why…I was planning on booking the ” Senior Citizen Package “.  What a romantic husband I have!


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