2011 BIA Parade of Homes June 11-26 Olentangy Falls… Eleven Decorated Homes

I went to the Realtors’ Morning at the BIA Parade of Homes today.  Only 11 homes ranging from $449,980-$699,990 in price.  All had a 3 car garage and one with a four car garage.  3600 to 4600 square feet..Price per square foot…a question I am often asked…Depends on what is in the square foot and who built the house and of course where it is…big difference!  3.5 to 4.5 baths


 Larger closets and storage spaces…Declutter to clear the mind.  Put things away where they are used most often. 

Many of the back doors coming in from the garage had “lockers” for books, gym cloths, laptops, briefcases, etc. Get rid of the baggage before coming in…Using more space for storage and less for living space…but the living space seems larger without all the stuff that is stored…interesting?

Laundry shoots…big enough to actually throw sheets down to the laundry room…many older homes have laundry shoots that are small, only a pair of socks might fit. 

Dark wood floors…bare wood floors on stairs…lots of area rugs defining groupings

Outdoor entertaining areas…even though we are in Ohio we try to stretch the time period we can entertain outside…lots of fireplaces and beautiful stonework or stained concrete…so many choices.

Large walkin shower in the Master Suite with no bath tub at all…Isn’t it about time? 

Guest suites for visiting family members…I have sold several houses to families that have in-laws from other countries that come and stay for a while…guest suites slightly away from the immediate family are often needed for these longer stays. Everyone is more comfortable.

A variety of textures and materials as seen in the above photo…powder room has granite, unfinished cedar, smooth tiles…metallic tiles, etc.  I have seen this variety in Az. and Cal. (where daughters have recently purchased homes) but not here.

Wine Cellar…impressive but just a little small for tasting…maybe only room for 1…a personal tasting room?

Loved this wraparound porch…loved that all the wood, even stairs was made from composite wood…never needs staining.  You might have time to relax on the porch. 


At the end of the day, it was fun to be able to travel fast through most of the homes..Love looking at the materials used and combined for different looks…always enjoy the decorating ideas…although I get to see so many ideas when showing homes…the people and the ideas are my favorite parts of being a realtor and in that order.  I actually just sold the same Fischer model …it was fun to see the choices Fischer Company made for The Parade of Homes as compared with my clients. 

If you go to the parade, scan the QR codes to learn more about the houses.  This is a new concept I am using for my lisitings…Download a QR code reader app to your smartphone for free at http://reader.kaywa.com .  The weather is perfect for the Parade…It is worth your time..$12 adults, $2 parking..kids under 12 are free…Enjoy!


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