Teacher’s Pay Comes Later

This has been an excellent week for so many reasons…two closings with financial rewards but better yet…two former students contacted me and the PAYOFF was too large to count….not in the bank but in my heart…so silly you might be thinking…oh well so do not read any further.

A 1997 graduate who mentored a trauma surgeon when she was a senior in High School contacted me to give me an update on her life as well as a desire to mentor a high school student.   ( I coordinated a career mentorship program where I matched high school students with dedicated professionals in the field the student was interested.  Together, the student, the mentor, and myself learned amazing things.   What a fun job! )  Back to my 1997 grad, we both remembered the day she had her interview.  We left the hospital on a Friday afternoon and the Trauma Doc gave her a new lease on life or should I say school.  He shared that he, Trauma I Doc, had earned a few C’s in high school and that there was still hope for that average student with a desire and eagerness to learn.  Lesson Two:  The student and I both remembered the day she came back to school after witnessing the death of 2 teens in ER after drinking, driving, and no seat belts.  She also shared accompanying her mentor to share the news with the parents.  I still remember the look on her face when she came to tell me her experience.  Lesson Three:  Professionals may laugh in stressful situations but never forget how to cry when in private…a sign of a caring individual.  The great news story today…1997 Grad is a flight, trauma nurse and still sees her mentor…she loves her job and told me this is not really a job but her passion…I love going to work every day.    

Student 2…was in my very first mentorship class.  She mentored the first female Speaker of the House, Jo Ann Davidson.   She has been in the state house and out of the state house depending on the party in charge.    And she is now in the Department of Commerce…The Department that controls Real Estate Transactions…my second career.  I have watched her go from a very shy young girl that moved to town during her high school years to a very productive, independent, confident young woman.  We were suppose to meet for dinner but she had to cancel late yesterday afternoon.  She shared the Gov. had revised the budget and she would probably be downtown working until very late…after reading the paper this morning it all makes sense.  
Love these PAYOFFS.  Mentors and parents must be so proud of their work.

 And then still teaching and learning…yesterday I was in a closing room at a local Title Company Company for at least 2 hours…waiting for the bank to wire the money.  My clients have beautiful children that are full of energy.  Little guy fell  to sleep on his mother’s lap but the 5 year old was getting a little restless.  So we started with writing her numbers…up to 111…that took a few minutes.  We had an interesting conversation about why math is important..esp for girls.  And then she became the teacher.  She explained what chunks are in words and how you make words out of chunks…so “at” is a chunk and we can make bat, cat, and so on.  She knew so many chunks…finds them in her sister’s room in her books.  Loved that girl!

Great day in so many ways!


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  1. cathy gongwer

    You have touched so many lives as a teacher and now a realtor…I am sure you will continue to hear from former students, because you taught your students so many lessons. You always encourage me to do my best. Thanks for being part of my life.

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