Keep that Path to Urban Active Open!

What happens to our parents?  Staying healthy, active, and full of life…on my mind for the last few years with my aging mother. 

  • What happens to people without children and/or caretakers?
  • Are Hospitalists good for patients in the hospital?
  • Should we move residents from Assisted Living to Skilled Nursing to save space and increase funds in a facility?
  • Do all Health Providers Value the elderly?
  • Which is better, to have your mind or your physical abilities?

I took my 88-year-old mother to her 70th High School reunion last Saturday night…she had so much fun…thinking about going,  getting ready to go, attending the banquet, and talking about who she saw on the way home.  Of course she has her bad days…don’t we all?…but she is still a human being enjoying a good quality of life.   Being in the wheel chair kept her from seeing everyone that she wanted, but we did make it through some tight spaces  to see some of her old friends. 

So…keeping in good health is more important than ever before in today’s society!   Note to Emily and Andi…I am trying to keep good care of your Dad and myself.


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