Finally Found the Right Pieces for My New Piece of ART?

In one of my former blogs, I talked about creating serving dishes, yard art, connecting keepsakes together, etc.  I finally put my first one together…I have so many odds and ends..looked easy to do.  But I made this task a little more comprehensive is the word I might use…I wanted to get all the possible pieces out to see what different combinations would look like.  Then deciding if I should glue my great grandmother’s dishes together or my own children’s baby china.  This glue is permanent.  I did clean out a lot of boxes, cabinets, storage areas.  When George saw all my potential pieces…he wondered if I was on the road to making dozens of these !!!!!!!!!!  

When sitting at an OPEN HOUSE today, I enjoyed looking through old magazines…one more time before they hit the trash.  I enjoy saving photos for some of my clients…very useful when building a new home or trying to decide what to do with a room or piece of furniture that must stay which is a fun part of selling Real Estate… Did I mention I am full service?

Loved some of the following quotes in House Beautiful:

“You can never achieve anything in a house unless you have things that have been passed down and you find a place for them for yourself.”  Love the treasures from both of our families…Favorites are a Lace Apron which is framed in our dining room.  George’s Godmother gave this to me when she first met me many years ago.  Another is a glass candlestick holder with hanging glass prisms…this was on my Great Grandmother’s dining room table.  I used to get in a little…she never would get angry… trouble because I used to take these magnificent prisms off the candlestick holders and hold them up to the windows.  I thought they were beautiful.  My brother has one and I have the other…

“If you make a compromise__selecting something cheaper than what you really like__it compromises you, because you are never really happy with the result.”  Might not always be the case.  When helping clients make selections for a new house, sometimes I ask them, “Do you really remember what the doorknobs, light switches look like in any of your favorite houses?”  Most people have to make some compromises.  It is easy to get too crazy with each selection…of course unless you have an endless supply of cash.

“Crossing too many t’s and dotting too many i’s make a room look overdone and tiresome.  One should create something that fires the imagination without overemphasis.”  Every room needs something to help start a conversation…something that is not predictable.  I have several of these in my “lower level” (realtors call the basement, the lower level).  Ask my friends.

“There is one fundamental fact about lighting: Where there is no light, there is no beauty.”  Lighting is so key.  I am not a big fan of overhead lighting…but so many people are…I try to keep what I call “cafeteria lighting” to a minimum. 

My new adventure…so excited….Found an outstanding gentleman that is going to make slip covers for several pieces of furniture…white.  Let the fun begin!  So many possiblilities…no kids, no pets…it is the time!   Jute rug?  My mind is going crazy with this change…And George is on board with the plan…the part he knows about already.



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One response to “Finally Found the Right Pieces for My New Piece of ART?

  1. Cathy Gongwer

    Can you share the name of the “slip cover” man?

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