Out and About Today…Reinventing tools!

Started the day of Colleir West’s Annual Flea Market…This is a little shop in the Short North that I first discovered a few years ago when shopping with Emily, our youngest daughter.  I remember she was so taken by all the papers, stationary, cards, etc. …her dream was to have a stationary store..I think this all started when my mother bought her a full size cash register at Office Max to play with…scanning, bagging, and ringing up anything in our house was her favorite idea of fun……which of course lead in to more intense shopping, QVC etc.   We will just blame Grandma for this behavior…never from her mother.

Colleir West  has changed somewhat.  Not as well stocked, some very pricey, one of a kind items that I might be able to find else where but still found a couple of ideas and bargains.  I sure do appreciate my Great Grandmother’s typewriter and my great uncle’s adding machine…maybe I should lock them up.

Displays are interesting…very cool chandiliers…but you might  be able to make yourself…with pieces from other lights, etc.

Best idea…simple…old newsprint…just leave in the sun and twine…a flower pot.

Getting out of downtown…oh  Columbus Comfest…everything was blocked off or barricaded…looks like getting ready for a combat rather than a weekend of fun…Looks like the weather will be great for the weekend festivities.


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