Part of being a Realtor is being able to learn what a client likes and dislikes about a property.   What does HOME SWEET HOME look like?  I have a new client that has very definite ideas of what she wants…but she describes them in a different way…actually five different ways.   As I was searching the MLS listings this morning, setting up showings for tomorrow, I keep thinking of our time together last week.  She knows she wants an older property in Grandview or Clintonville, but a property that does not look like a “Pottery Barn Prototype”.

The property must:

SMELL … like her grandmothers or an aunt she keeps referring to…when we enter a listing, she notices if the smell is a good old smell or a bad old smell…interesting!

LOOK …  like it has not been renovated but in good condition, dark wood, original cabinets with leaded glass doors, little eating “nook” with built-in benches and table in the kitchen…no Pottery Barn Replicas …ugh for painted white wood!

TOUCH…like it has been there forever…nice wood floors and counter tops but not too smooth and new…must feel old and comfortable, with a few flaws

 SOUND…like you can hear the birds, few cars, children, neighbors when you are sitting on the front porch or have windows open

TASTE…like grandmother’s cooking in the kitchen

We are headed out tomorrow…I will be aware of the five senses and taking notes.



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3 responses to “SHOPPING and the FIVE SENSES…

  1. Grandma’s house, huh?
    Best of Luck today.

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