GOOEYZ … Good Enough for Brutus…Good Enough for Me!

My visit to GOOEYZ yesterday was in a familiar neighborhood but much changed since the days of Molly McGuires and the Southberg.  The Specialty of the HOUSE is Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  I had the Valuey Gooeyz which was the old school, like mama’s for $3.89.  It was full of Gooey cheese, butter and on Texas Toast.   Very good, but I think I could make one at home…not as much fun though. 

  The BEST item I tried was the FRIED macaroni and cheese balls…yes, I said fried.  VERY,VERY GOOD and VERY,VERY Bad for the heart. 

We also ordered the GOOEYZ loaded Fries…They were ok…my tour guide for this restaurant trip…explained they were much better on her first visit. 

All in all…I enjoyed sharing old stories about waiting in line at Long’s Bookstore to buy books each Quarter…The old Long’s Bookstore Sign hangs outside the new Borders Book Store…Quarters are soon to be Semesters and not as many “paper and print” books are purchased…sending papers by email vs. running across the oval with an almost late paper.  And yes, Woody was in charge of his players.  For me, it is always a pleasure/adventure visiting High Street.


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