A Couple Places to Check OUT this week…

Lombards, a furniture store at 2060 Bethel Road, Columbus, 614-459-2989  is having a “PRICE EXPLOSION Warehouse Sale now through July 16th.  This liguidation sale is due to a surplus of inventory caused by the economy slow down…this is what the paper says…actually they have very nice pieces at very high prices.  Since so many folks order direct…I am sure they don’t have the clients they used to have.  It just might be worth your time to make a trip over to view their “Garage Sale”.  Baker, Harden, Henredon, Century, Hickory, Hancock & Moore are included in their inventory.  Sounds like accessories too…even chandeliers. 

Orange Leaf Yogurt  located at 750 North State Street, Westerville, Ohio 43082 is a Self Serve Frozen Yogurt shop…16 flavors and over 50 toppings.  We were there last night…there was a line.  So what do I think?  You are given a paper bowl that is huge…so of course you add a little of several flavors and toppings and we (2 people) ended up with more than we could eat and a bill of over $12.00…great concept…we noticed even little ones had “heaping bowls of goodies”.  Taste and quality…just ok.  Of course this is only my opinion.


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