Clintonville…a great neighborhood where everyone knows my name.

Clintonville…a very special neighborhood in a very central location of town…unique in many ways.  I just sold a house built in 1922 very close to the Olentangy Bike Path that has all the character of a 1922 craftsman home.  Could have been ordered from Sears and Roebuck…who knows?

  My buyer was a little late on a 90 degree day…but did I care?  I sat on this swing and started thinking about the days I used to swing with my great-grandmother on her porch…she actually had 2 swings and we did spend a lot of time watching traffic, talking to her neighbors, waving to folks we knew…. Back to the Clintonville porch …it is shaded on all sides, and the breeze was amazing.  Neighbors were coming home, walking their dogs, and of course we started talking about the neighborhood.  Is this a safe and friendly neighborhood?

I knew that the house belonged to a man who had purchased the house from his parents who actually built the house…so this house had been in the family since 1922.  That in itself is a story.  As more neighbors passed by, I learned more about Bob, the owner who passed away last December at 82 and everyone else who lived on the street.  Two architects lived across the street (their house did have wonderful curb appeal, great colors) , a law school librarian that was soon to move to Atlanta, several O.S.U. prof…socialogy right next door and the list goes on.  We actually got to see a photo of most of the families posed in the street in a winter snow scene.  Yes, Bob was in the photo.  


Check out the street lights in front of Bob’s house.  Also found out who the skier was in the photo we found in the basement…Bob used to be a ski instructor…many years ago.  And to think I wondered if this is a safe place for my young buyer.  FYI  I know of another house down the street…adorable…but only a single car garage…owner is moving to Atlanta and leaving O.S.U.  I know there are great neighbors, a bike path that takes about 25 minutes to get to the State House, 15 to O.S.U. or catch the bus on High.  Love the people…love this job!  Hope I get invited to the house warming party…I like this street.


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