BEST Carpet Choice…Pleases Family with Some Fast Talking

       LOVE IT…Sisal/Jute the look is an easy way to update…looks great with my eclectic decorating…

    I fell in love with this look when I saw it in a house I just sold.  Our carpet of 17 years…yes 17 years needed to be replaced.  Part of the reason it took so long for me to replace, is I didn’t know what I wanted. 

Henry, my grand-dog who is visiting from Az., loves the new carpet…likes the texture, keeps him from sliding, his tail won’t stop wagging….and notice the color is perfect for his coat. 

George, my husband of 35 years, needed some convincing….had to layer the look in family room…After walking on the new floor covering, “I guess we never have to buy any loofah or need pedicures after walking on this stuff”.  Oh George….fixed your area with layering.

I took the plunge and love this look…and for George…it is a commercial grade…meaning it will wear for another 17 years…that did make him smile.  

This has been a busy week, new air conditioner, new carpet…and now Henry and Emily are here…looking forward to a great week.  Only wish my Andi was here too…she is in Hawaii for 3 weeks…Westerville or Hawaii???  It is great to spend time with one daughter at a time…they both enjoy being the only child…love, love, love my daughters!


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