Custom Slipcovers, Upholster, or Buy New?

Transforming with Caution!  Choices, Choices, Choices

Unfortunately/fortunately our living room furniture is like new…purchased in 1982…the year after our oldest daughter, Andi was born.  I still love the print…a very dark navy with a floral print but 28 years…I need a change.  So I have looked and looked…I love the shape and size of the two sofas which are easy to work with when rearranging the other pieces in the room which are changing much more often…more often than George would like!?!.   Hey, I could have worse habits!

After completing due diligence, I have decided to have professionally made slip covers made for both sofas and host and hostess chairs in our dining room.  Color…off white canvas look fabric.  I can’t even imagine the FREEDOM this choice will permit.  His slip covers have a hidden zipper in a seam…there is no way one can even suspect the upholstery is a slip cover. 

NEW…I looked but the quality was not there for the price.  Also I LOVE the shape and size of my two matching, camel back sofas.

UPHOLSTER…I would never be able to see the old print that still looks like new

SLIP COVERS…Neutral color will make them perfect to play with other accessories and move to other rooms if that might be in the future


As my youngest daughter and I are enjoying the Fontina Cheese recipe on my blog and a bottle of wine the other night…she said Mom…this kitchen needs an update too.  So quietly…(George was in the family room)  we discussed replacing gold/brass chandelier, wall lights in the window seat and all brass hardware on the cabinet doors.  After the gym, we are on the search!  I knew this needed to happen, but that little push…so much needed…..and so much fun with my assistant!    Actually my assistant also suggests other updates for me…usually related to my appearance…and I value the constructive criticism…and learn so much in a very short time!  (took the suggestion yesterday to throw away a “good” pair of sweats and purchase a nice pair of “workout pants”.       I shared the other day…I love my daughters!



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