The Beginning of Updating A Kitchen…Progress this Weekend…George is NOW on my TEAM!



The light from the box on the front porch is installed…by whom…no other than  George Yanok, my handyman.  Only after reading the  complete paper, working the crossword puzzle, drinking 3 cups of coffee, and then searching for the proper tools….getting over the initial reaction to mason jars on a wire as a chandelier,  discussing why we need any type of change…the installation began.  And it was more successful than I would have ever thought. 


                     I made one trip to the hardware to get the clear light bulbs…16 bulbs for this light …….so many shapes and sizes…from $9.00 a bulb that looks like Edison’s invention to the $2.00 bulb I selected…and when I said 16…the young man said…25 watts?  Are you lighting a runway?   Well, we do have a dimmer on this light fixture…at the end of the day…I LOVE the new light fixture over our island in the kitchen…Washing the globes…unscrew the bottom and put in the dishwasher.

Next step…changing out all the hardware…I suggest this to many of my clients…fairly inexpensive…but we have over 45 knobs to replace… what a difference…

    So much difference in so little time!

And the next step…took some major discussion about change, the value of brass fixtures, are you sure you want to do this, how much do new light fixtures cost, will you change your mind…and the MAGIC BLACK SATIN SPRAY PAINT was already in the basement…I mean our lower level as we REALTORS say….






AMAZING DIFFERENCE…I bought clear glass globes but decided to reuse the large white globes.   
They look totally different.
OHHHH I love spray paint especially when George does the spraying…he is much more patient than me…I think he must have given the fixtures 6 coats…no drips…excellent job.
Next STEP…Painting the Kitchen the RESTORATION SLATE….My sample color painted on a large piece of shelf paper is still hanging on the wall…I am almost ready to take the risk…think we need a professional painter for this job…Our kitchen is mostly windows with lots of trim, etc.  With this dark color and amt. of light, mistakes will show.
BUT for George…he was such a good sport Sat.   His reward for being on my team… Apple Pie with Ben and Jerry’s Cinnamon Ice Cream…
TRY Just Pies        (Worthington on High or Westerville on Northfield Dr.) 

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