Planking, Owling, Horsing…with George…

It all started on the first night of our vacation.  George asked me to lay face down on a rock next to Lake Champlain in Vermont.  Why?  Are you crazy?  He said just do this so I can take your picture and send to our daughters…they will love it.  In less than 20 minutes I get a call from our oldest daughter in Cal….Mom are you planking? Of course, I had no idea of what she was talking about.  Five minutes later, second daughter in Az. calls from restaurant with friends…Mom, what are you doing?  My friends think it looks like you are planking???  What is planking, we both asked?  So I soon learned that planking was a fad and that my husband of 35 years is very astute to pop culture.

So the game began….

Danger…doesn’t stop me from planking…

George demonstrating the correct way to plank……

And “Owling” at Ben and Jerry’s…posing as though you are an owl, perched.

And more fun when George was asked to put the Stanley Cup back…not to touch…..


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