Apportez votre vin…What a great idea!

Good ideas from Quebec…Our cab driver suggested we go to Dennis Street in Montreal.  He explained that 2 streets of restaurants encouraged diners to buy their own wine at a corner store and bring what you like to the restaurant.  The restaurant charges only an “uncorking fee”.  That certainly helps reduce the cost of dining.  Just today, I was talking to a client that is from Quebec and he explained that a liquor license is very expensive and that these corner stores are owned by the government.  It was still a savings to the consumer as the SAQ (Government Store) carried all prices and brands…much better than 12 plus per glass.   Government control…I like this better than their healthcare system…oh..back to dining.

   The convenient “state store.”

Does this look familiar…not in Grandview.

So many great restaurants for us foodies!


So you didn’t bring your bike?

Put your money in the meter,

hop on your bike, and return

at your destination…very



Did I mention…I was working…REMAX SIGNS were all in French. ( A vendre )  Can’t seem to get away from the balloon!    Au Revoir….


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