Urban Farming…Coming to YOUR Neighborhood Soon

Let me share I am from a small town in Southern Ohio and grew up in a family that had a Dairy Processing Plant…farmers and farming was a big part of our economy!  Now we lived in the city limits…city of 5000 people, so no chickens, cows, etc. were living in our backyard….the closest thing to farm animals was when a cow or pig got lose from the farm bureau down the street and we saw someone chasing an animal down the alley while eating breakfast.   (poor little guy would be taken back to slaughter)

View from Breakfast Table

A few months ago, a buyer from Minnesota asked me with a totally serious face, will I be able to bring my 10 chickens with me to a new house in Upper Arlington….a “great” house in Upper Arlington.   We had to talk about more than diversity?!?  She described her chicken coop and how her children gathered the eggs and they always shared with their neighbors…and keeping the environment safe and healthy…and so on…this was my first, real awakening to Urban Farming.

A few weeks later, my friend’s daughter asked me to buy a dozen eggs from a coworker at Cardinal Health…seems one of her colleague’s children has an egg business…so I said yes…and I had to return my carton.  Her mother has had to increase using eggs in recipes to support this young man’s Urban Business.  This is more often than buying Girl Scout Cookies.

And of course I have been reading about changing laws/ordinances in several of our suburban communities…chickens or no chickens…???

And now in the very yard of the house where I grew up…my nephew and niece built a beautiful Chicken Coop…Not the best photo…but this coop is amazing….It is the Four Seasons Hotel Model! What a Home!

Babies maturing inside…

Chicks are growing…My nephew and soon to be niece are expecting in November…EGGS that is.

Check out this Chicken COOP at The Chateau Frontenac…only the chef and his 3 brothers are permitted to enter the area…

This coop…has a copper roof…could explain the dinner price.

Last night…I took some clients to a house in Johnston…as soon as we got out of the car…fresh country air…a hog farm….right across the road…needless to say…these city folks jumped back in the car.  Reminded me of my Uncle Tom’s Hog Farm…where we sold all of our dairy products after the sold date had passed…

As far as our Yanok Urban Farming…we both love fresh tomatos..right off the vine…problem is so do the deer.  We do enjoy growing herbs in a large pot on the deck…right outside our backdoor.  I do feel kind of like Martha when I take my scissors and snip a little rosemary or basil…it is a GOOD THING!



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2 responses to “Urban Farming…Coming to YOUR Neighborhood Soon

  1. We keep chickens. I adore “urban farming” they are so much fun to watch and to look after – they can be really cute too. The eggs are also amazingly delicious, so golden and distinct in taste.

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