My Favorite Magazine…Love to Bring it in from the Mailbox!

This has always been my favorite places to spark my decorating ideas…and now also showing properties in my Real Estate Business.  I do like change, unlike my husband…he says that is why I am still around…such a romantic.  Sometimes I look around my house and feel like I am in Grandma’s Museum…I do love all of my treasures but I am looking for ways to update and rearrange.

Just spent some time rearranging (reinventing) our dining room table…our house is very open…designed this way so we could keep our eyes on two growing girls…and also we like to entertain so everyone is always together.  The dining room table is very visible and becomes a focal point as the seasons change.  Well….it is time for that change and Traditional Home started the change.

Trying to mix old silver with new Pottery Barn Bowl…I like it…so easy and GREEN is my favorite color…can see this turning into Fall with some pumpkins…then pinecones…then ornaments.

I have more details to follow tomorrow…headed out…who knows I just might bring home another idea…

Have a great day!


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