Setting the Table

Started the table yesterday…and finished this morning…so many times…I have to look, tweak, turn, replace, reinvent items so it is actually never finished.  I also enjoy using items that can be very simply changed during the seasons.

Runner on the table is burlap…took about 10 minutes, cost under $3.00.   Cut  fabric the size needed, fray edges …stencil design if you would like…If the runner gets dirty, candle wax, red vino…replace with another $3.00.  Burlap comes in so many colors.  Just bought some small pillows yesterday…plan to cover with burlap after I stencil a Y or something…and place on each dining room chair. (In time I will make red slipcovers for the pillows for the Holidays.)  I love our dining room furniture…one of the first things George and I purchased years ago that we both liked???  End chairs are soon to have new slipcovers…waiting for delivery….off white fabric…I am eagerly waiting!

BOXES…BOXES…BOXES…BOXES  Collect them…OLD, NEW…so many uses…stack them, fill them, empty them…small, medium, and large.

Saw the box in Quebec…candles, moss.

Caught my eye but didn’t want to pay to ship a bargain home…I like to BRAG about the price of my finds…of course George always comments..”You could save more if you just didn’t go shopping.”  What fun would that be?

I found the terrarium in an Outdoor Furniture store in Worthington…bottom was lost…my find…$20.00!  I have seen similar boxes,  in TJ MAX, Home Store for $20-$25…

I put some old silver…yes it is tarnished George…in my terrarium…I can see  pumpkins, pinecones, ornaments, greens, stacked plates for a buffet table, miniature Christmas trees…spring bulbs…are you beginning to see the true value?

Green Pears in a jewelry box found in Clearance…GREEN…my favorite color.  Can you see ornaments, holiday napkins, pinecones sprayed silver and glitter, sea shells…pumpkins???Buckeye??? and the list goes on…

                                                   Here it is for now…added the bowl of moss from my blog yesterday…on antique silver tray with some silver birds…Have fun with design…try new uses for old things…think transforming for the seasons without too many trips to the basement…I mean lower level as we realtors say…or store!    It is a GOOD THING.


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