“If you’re not changing, you’re dying.” Love that Quote…

Still waiting for my new, neutral slipcovers for my living room furniture…Work is being done by an elderly man who has done a lot of work for my neighbor.  She says he does quality work but takes his time…late May..and no slipcovers???   He also doesn’t like to answer his phone.  He has fabric for several pieces of furniture and my window seat in the kitchen…actually yards of fabric that I searched the area for to get a good price and exactly what I wanted…

Meanwhile…I am changing…not dying…to get the room ready for the new look!

    Needed some height in pots on the mantel…Sticks from the backyard…probably will spray with snow for the holidays..easy transformation always important…maybe some leaves this Fall…we are almost there!

Coffee table is now ready…easy to rearrange for holidays too…probably some huge pinecones I found at Tahoe…glitter and snow…Kept my old frame…look at old posts for great use of old frames…

Old chair has its new 3 buck burlap seat…ready for neutral!

This was the most difficult piece to work with in this room…my Grandmother’s desk which I am storing for one of my daughters…THEY WILL WANT IT SOMEDAY!  I remember hiding things in the little doors…back to today!

Added a white cabinet on top…Covered books in baskets..some relics of my Grandmothers…trying to get a look similar to THE Collection…great store in Powell, Ohio…


Incorporating “you” into everything you do.

Always evolving and doing something unexpected.

Every house needs a modern element or it may look stodgy.

Successfully combining parts…many small steps that add up to one big stylish room.

Taking risks…biggest risks…often the best results.  *I borrowed these from latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens .  I was almost ready to stop my subscription to B&H but may wait.  September issue is a good one.  Still like the hard copies so I can rip out pages for future look.

I often suggest to my clients that are building a new house or want a decorating plan to start collecting pictures of what they like…if you do this for a while, you will see trends…and…yes you will know what you like.


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