Buckeye Fever…It is a family thing.

It is that time of the year!  And yes…we have so many changes but the following will remain the same for me:

  • Memories of going to the game with my parents, and brother and sister will be in my mind…and in later years.. memories of my parents taking my roommates and me out to dinner after the game, and then even later deciding which grandchild will sit with Grandma in B Deck, and then even more recent…hoping my mother and her 90-year-old plus friends find their way back to the car after the game…so many memories.
  • The rush and work involved in getting to the stadium on a Sat. morning…looking the other way as George cuts in front of other cars to get to Lane Ave., trying to remember if we have the tickets and the parking pass..
  • Laughing and listening to my brother “cackle” just like my father did in years past…remembering all the games and family effort to get there on time…something always seemed to go wrong at the family business but Dad would come rushing in and up 23 we would go…
  • George watching the goose bumps on my arms as the Band comes through the tunnel for the first game…He still doesn’t get it but is a good sport.
  • The smell of the air…no cigars any more, sound of the crowd…the older folks making their way up the ramp…(not us yet?)

Both of our daughters ended up at Arizona State Universtity…I call it O.S.U. with palm trees…but football …never like what they experienced growing up in OHIO.

Just yesterday, Andi mentioned in our phone conversation…I would love to come home for a REAL football game…Grandpa Schmitt would have liked hearing that comment.  I sure did.  GO BUCKS!


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