The AHA Moment…sounds so good!

Teacher and Realtor…two professions that are very different but very similar in so many ways.  Being a Realtor is a second career for me…6 years now with much success in this market I am proud to report.  As of today…year to date…I am 5th in our office……and most important of all…I am having FUN and learning something NEW almost every day!

Ingredients for Both:

Patience, Love for People, Energy, Positive Attitude, Honesty, Application of Knowledge, Teaching Process versus Facts, Reliable Sources, Persistance, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Humor, Teamwork, Knowing and Appreciating Personality Types, Tests, Feedback, Evaluation, Follow Up, Discovery, Creativity, Lifelong Learning, Teachable Moment, Motivation, Technology as a Tool, Readiness for Learning, Research, Inspections…and the list goes on…

When recently asked by a client that is presently teaching anatomy at O.S.U. to describe the best part of each career… I had to say…watching the AHA moment…when the light bulb goes on!

TEACHING…that happens when you can watch a student grasp a concept or skill…The light bulb comes on..You are both excited!

REAL ESTATE…When a buyer knows we have found the RIGHT House…or when we find a Buyer that appreciates the Seller’s property as a home as well as a house …All are excited!

I LOVE Happy Endings.


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