Lean and MEAN…not mean…Entering ACT 3


Remember the OLD Jane Fonda tapes…that would be video tapes…a thing of the past…Her philsoply was burn, burn, burn that fat.  I am not a big Jane fan but after watching an interview on TV, decided to purchase her new book at COSTCO…isn’t that the greatest place to forget what you really came in to buy.

Jane does give you a different view of the life cycle.  She thinks life is like a play, and the third act is always the BEST!  Review of the Book…just read the beginning and end in COSTCO.  And of course she outlines healthy habits including exercise.  I have my normal routine at Urban Active but being influenced by Jane, my daughters, and niece…I just hired a trainer.  I was walking around the indoor track at Urban and there she was with the same little smile I used to see in the halls of Westerville North High School.    I am keeping a food journal and doing homework…just in a role reversal…she is my teacher.  I will let you know how things go.

Kathy Williams, NESTA, Certified Personal Trainer  kwillliams314@gmail.com

As for the lean…I am hoping that will happen…the mean…not so much!


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