Fall is HERE

Gather ideas from favorite places…$85 at local Garden Store…very Proper indeed.

Yanok Model:  Old wreath with flowers removed found in the garage, garland of leaves cut apart and wired to wreath, $3.00, Twine Bow, twine found in Lower Level.  I was going to make a burlap bow using fabric stiffner ($3.59 at Fabric Store) but didn’t want to take the time or mess.

And this trio…$195.00 including the pots..

Yanok Fall Pots…took summer annuals out…added Whole Food Mums and Ornamental Cabbage, with some ground cover from my garden…miniature pots…and maybe $20.00???

CURB Appeal is so important…especially when Yanok Sisters are coming home next week…It is a great weekend to decorate your front door for FALL.  ENJOY!



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2 responses to “Fall is HERE

  1. Carrie Goins

    Very cute and inspiring… Maybe I will go find my fall wreath in the garage and spruce it up. Love what you did with the pots. Ornamental cabbage plant is beautiful. I’m happy to be a follower of your blog!! Best wishes!!

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