Inexpensive Fall Centerpieces and/or Favors

Andi, oldest daughter, is home for a family wedding and knowing one of her best resource for ideas…was under the same roof…that would be moi, we began brain storming.  She is working with donated pumpkins to decorate for an Octoberfest fundraiser.  She needs inexpensive ideas to present to a committee so they can move forward to create a beautiful room for dinner.  So together we gathered odds and ends to decorate pumpkins, thinking small pumpkins could be used for place cards/favors and the larger pumpkins could be grouped with leaves, burlap, etc. for centerpieces.

Pumpkins that Dazzle!









Field to Table.

Centerpiece…these jewels can go anywhere…we used real pumpkins but artificial…you could reuse.


Imagine…white pumpkins, bumpy pumpkins, two colored pumpkins…so many options…and good from Halloween to Christmas!  Enjoy!


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