Real Estate is a SERVICE industry.  Realtors work for Buyers and Sellers.  Ok…you already knew that…well so many people really don’t.  After seven years in the business, I have learned that giving the best service……is better time and money spent than any marketing materials in any housing market.  I think my “mother” used to say, actions speak much louder than words.

Maybe I am just very fortunate but I have clients that apologize to me when they feel I am spending too much time with them, they change their minds, or can’t decide what they really want.  For most people, purchasing a house is the most expensive item they purchase…so, yes you should take your time and make sure you love the property.  Often we spend time together deciding what they don’t want first….it is a process that is different for each individual and each couple.  And when we find the perfect property … it is a celebration for all.

And then working for sellers…transforming a home with wonderful memories to a product to sell that looks more like a model home…not easy.  Being patient and sensitive, tactful and caring…and knowledgable about the market…guiding instead of forcing…working together for the best end results…

I have heard that teachers and nurses make the best Realtors…we do use some of the same skills…Interview a realtor before you commit to work together.  Remember, the realtor is working for YOU.






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