A Question I Answer at Least Twice a Day…

At least once a week, I get this question…1)Don’t you wish that your daughters lived in Ohio…Very similar to the former question…2)It must be difficult to teach and raise two daughters…how do you do it?  I think these two questions are somewhat related but that could lead to a very long blog…


Well……last night was a great example of how the distance thing works.

George …sitting in traffic coming home from work

Andi…driving to visit a friend that lives four hours away

Me…driving back from visiting my 88-year-old mother

We had a 45 minute “3 way” conversation…and I had already talked with Andi several times earlier in the day…needed me to help her with some brainstorming.  We did catch up with no interuptions…Quality as opposed to Quantity???  Not sitting around the kitchen table but in our own cars…California and Ohio…

Technology has helped the gap…texting, photos from the phone, emails…and even facebook…I can listen, advise…listen more with some open-ended questions…yes listen more…hey they are mature, independent women…not little girls any more…hope this gets you thinking…So interesting…I used to ask questions to parents of students that I thought were amazing, hoping I could learn some parenting skills…and I remember one parent saying that once your children become the adults you are proud of…they move away……and another parent shared that if you create a monster child, you may have to live with “it” for a very long time.

Changing the subject…big time…If you are in the market to buy, have good credit, and some cash to put down…BUY.  This is the lowest interest rate in history!  On that thought, I am off to show some properties…and in this fantastic weather.

Have a great day!





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