Trash the Wedding Dress…TTD…PTD before

TTD…  Trash the Dress    I guess this is the last step to search for the dress, alter the dress, PURCHASE the dress, wear the dress, and….well back in the day we PTD…Perserved the Dress.

My wedding gown is still in a glorious, beautiful box, with a plastic window so I can look at my gown any time I want…My mother took my dress to Columbus Lace…not sure they are around any more…she drove over 60 miles to make sure she had the BEST PTD company in Ohio.  The box has been in several closets…at one time my husband considered charging me rent to keep the box in his closet as he always has more space…you know men only need one pair of black shoes.   I remember getting the box out, opening the top so my daughters could look through the magic window…one daughter even said…I would never wear that dress Mom…you can guess which daughter.

The first time I heard about TTD was with a client last summer.  She shared that they had a destination wedding…as the party continued, the wedding party and guests went swimming…so why not…gown on…into the water she went.   I remember thinking ohhhhh…how much money did her parents spend on the gown.

You know sometimes we just have to think about things for a while…does that come with age?  I am a very practical person when it comes to multiple uses for things…and my dress has had no use so far…

Andi, the photographer daughter, was excited about shooting a TTD for a bride…

    The 2 photos are Andi’s work.

So the thoughts are:

You will never wear the dress again

You can go crazy with whatever…you can’t ruin the gown. so have fun with it

You can change up the accessories and makeup

You will get some fantastic photos

You will never be as young again…the dress still fits perfectly

And I was reminded that most gowns can still be cleaned and maybe even become a PTD…

SOOOOO maybe a dress could be a TTD and then a PTD???


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One response to “Trash the Wedding Dress…TTD…PTD before

  1. Emma, My 1965 wedding dress is a PTD but there no window! I guess it’s still in there! Everyone did this back in the 60’s. You are so right that I will never be that young or thin again!
    Love You, Linda

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