Chairs Found, Burlap Updates Again…Inspiration is Found

The Right Part of my Brain has been working overtime this week.  If you are a faithful follower of my blog…that means never miss one day…you might remember back in June, I discussed the decision of buying new furniture, upholsterer, or slip covers…and soon after that day I sent fabric…lots of fabric and one chair to a Genius Craftsman.  He is very experienced…many years…highly recommended… and I had seen his unbelievable work.  So until last week…yes the middle of October, I have been trying to find my Genius…and my fabric and chair.  My friend and I were such good detectives…found out his address through reverse give the phone no. and the operator gives you the address, more information from Angie’s list, sent a letter, traveled to his house and left a note on the door, researched the Obituaries…and I finally get a call…”When can I deliver your slipcovers and start on your sofas?”  Music to my hears…how can you be angry…maybe frustrated…when you think the Genius is gone forever and you are just worried about some fabric and a chair.  He had back surgery and his daughter kept him at her house until she felt he was ready to return.  This has been the tale to discuss at many dinner parties in the last few months.  But now…my updating is progressing.

   So the two host and hostess chairs now have beige slip covers and my side chairs looked “naked”.  I am trying to convert a more formal dining room to a more casual, eclectic, unpredictable, gathering room…get the idea?




So after brainstorming with a friend…no wine…just brainstorming…we came up with the following idea… Burlap covers on the backs of our chairs…what a difference it makes…I am not a great photographer but I hope you can see the difference.







Burlap…$3.40 a yard…lined with fabric with some body to give the slip covers a more finished look.  We actually made a pattern from tissue paper after several “fittings” of fabric on the chair.



Back to my Genius…he wouldn’t let me pay him as he thought I should make sure he finishes the job…I enjoyed watching how he measures for slip covers.  He didn’t take the sofa back to his shop but actually “draped” the sofa, snipped and pinned  for over 2 hours.  And it took me over an hour to make one pattern for a simple burlap cover.




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