You see them everywhere…or at least in places I like to browse/shop/find ideas.  I only get my sewing machine out when I am going to save $$$.  Last weekend when helping a friend look for a coffee table we saw burlap bags…$19.95 .  She laughed when I said to the owner, very cute…but not $19.95 cute.  I see them on walls, wine bottle covers, vases, etc.

So….burlap still all over my floor and counter from making chair covers…so I started making another pattern…

   Used wine bottle cover and then started thinking these little bags would be great for gift giving during the holidays…or holiday decorating…     arrangements of greens, ornaments, pinecones, and wrapping gifts…easy to pack, easy for security to check the contents at airport…sooooo the production began.

And stenciled a monogram…

Andrea Claire Yanok…

As the evening went on……..Emily Anne Yanok too…I think the next step will be to make one with a little sewing…and some fabric stiffener…to mold a vase…something like the $19.95 model.  Almost forgot…saw cans covered with burlap…glued on…then used as vases, etc.  I peeked under…just old cans.  YOU can do it!

Headed to a store called Bungalow in the Short North  right after I finish a Listing Appointment…Website looks good…Hope to take some photos to share some new borrowed ideas.     Loving the 3-4% Home Mortgage Interest Rate!


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