Shopping Habits have Changed with Career

Career change helped to change my shopping habits…As a teacher, where can you shop between classes?  Cafeteria, School Store, Vending Machines…not much to explore…can complete the first day of school and the thrill is gone!

But as a REALTOR, I often have breaks and what would I like to do with a little time in an area of town I haven’t been…of course…shop or eat….both being very dangerous but it is easier to window shop for “things” … how do you just look at food?

Bungalow Home   Stopped by last week…came highly recommended by a friend.  I was somewhat disappointed…saved some $$$ but did pick up some new ideas and certainly expanded my use of burlap.  (I have been recruited to set up a sweat shop in California to sew 120 burlap bags for Young Life in a few weeks…they want to package their gifts to donors in burlap bags.)

Set of trays were lined with  Burlap…so easy to do.   Or you could put burlap in a frame with glass, and you have a tray…

Check out the desk organizers…saw them before…this time glasses instead of cans, covered with Burlap.  The owners of this store take shopping trips to stock the store…sometimes new stuff and some times old that can be transformed!


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