Family Tradition…Aunt Sally’s Caramels

I really am not thinking too much about the holidays…today is Halloween but yesterday when out with a friend and her daughter we saw these adorable reindeer that are actually little goodie bags…and then of course, I shared my end use for these little treasures…..Aunt Sally’s Caramels.  Questions were asked, request was made to share my recipe on my blog…so here it is…but first….

I will share a synopsis Of the Legend of Aunt Sally’s Caramels…really not a legend, a true story.  My family owned a Dairy Processing Plant in Waverly, Ohio better known as Schmitt’s Dairy.  Every Christmas, my Aunt Sally would ask my father to pick up some cream from one of his milk producers…rich, thick, creamy, unpasteurized cream…so thick you had to spoon the cream rather than pour into the pot.  They were the BEST and every Schmitt house…I said Schmitt house…always had a container of Aunt Sally’s caramels, individually wrapped in hand cut foil or wax paper under their tree.  SOOOOO good.  As time went by, Aunt Sally was gone…the dairy was sold, and we had to purchase heavy whipping cream from the grocery.  The quality was good but not like in years past.  I still make the caramels using Aunt Sally’s recipe…and they are a favorite of many of my friends…my daughters also know the family recipe.  We now also use precut candy wrappers (Wiltons) which helps to make the process a little faster.

          3 pints of HEAVY Whipping Cream

2 lbs. granulated sugar

1 bottle of Karo (white)   = 2 cups

2 t. vanilla

Butter to prepare jelly roll pan

Combine sugar, Karo, and 1 pint of cream in a heavy pot.  Stirring constantly bring to a boil.  Cook for 10 minutes.

Add another pint of cream.  Stirring constantly bring to a boil.  Cook for 10 minutes.

Add another pint of cream. Stirring constantly bring to a boil.    Cook until mixture reaches soft ball stage on a candy thermometer.  You can also use the cold water test.  Fill a small glass with cold water.  Drop a small amt. of caramel in the water.  If the caramel is like a soft ball, the candy is ready.  I use both tests.

Add vanilla and pour into buttered jelly roll pan.  When cool, cut in to squares and wrap.

Precut papers save soooooo much time. 

Happy Holidays.



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2 responses to “Family Tradition…Aunt Sally’s Caramels

  1. Carrie Goins

    Sounds fantastic!! Curious about the “soft ball” stage on the thermometer. What does that translate to in degrees? Or maybe I need to look at a thermometer to know. I hear that a thermometer is the secret to making perfect candy confections.

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