Habitat for Humanity Restore…good place to shop

Just found the time to explore a new place to scavenger and find some good stuff…tip came from a thrifty client that just bought a house in Clintonville.  She found some really nice light fixtures for her front porch…really went with the house…at Habitat for Humanity Restore.  I always enjoy getting invited back to a property that I have sold to see what the new owners have changed/updated/and made their own.  I can offer my ideas, see how plans have been carried out, and I always learn something new.  I love this part of being a Realtor…so much fun!

The Restore I visited was 3140 Westerville Rd., Columbus, Ohio but there should be one near you…Check out the website….noticed there are many.

To give you some ideas of what I found that I considered to be of interest:

Knobs, Hinges, Hardware for furniture, updating cabinets, etc.    25 cents!!!

Cabinets …  Paint, Refinish…..the complete set was $250…

Books were $20.00 for a set of encyclopedias…can be used as accessories, tables…so many possibilities…change the color of covers with shoe polish or paint or cover with paper or fabric…

Love these pillars or columns from someone’s front porch…$65.00 a piece…I have one in our Florida Room…just adds some height…so many possibilities inside or out!

One of my big finds…flower boxes…$7.00 each…I know I can use them next summer in my garden…or on shelves with books…or and the list goes on…

Stacks of tile…looked like a bargain…

Many old windows, doors….so many uses…cheap…5-20

I also found a glass globe for a floor lamp that belonged to my Grandmother…I have been looking for a long time….$2.00!

Light Fixtures…this could be a good one…$75.00…lots of brass but easy to spray!

Words of Caution:

  • Take someone with you that likes to look at “stuff”
  • Go in the day time…there were security guards in the parking lot
  • Wear old clothes
  • They do take cash or credit
  • Know that this is a place you may have to revisit…stock changes daily

The proceeds from this shop go to pay for building new houses in the community as well as the administrative costs of the organization.  Many of the staff are volunteers.  It’s win/win for all.  Enjoy.


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